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On September 29, 2013 10.3 Million individuals checked out watch the last scene of Breaking Bad. The show was a tremendous accomplishment for AMC and caught million’s of people’s eye to the medication that the show was based around; Methamphetamine. Despite the fact that Breaking Bad vigorously affected the ubiquity of Methamphetamine, it's anything but another medication. In any case, Methamphetamine has gotten progressively intense as of late because of innovation and assembling that has become simpler and further developed. The starting point of Methamphetamine originates from a medication called Amphetamine; which was first delivered in 1887 in Germany. Afterward, Methamphetamine, which was simpler to make and more grounded than its forerunner, was made in Japan in 1919. Because of the crystalline powder having the option to be dissolvable in water, infusion of the medication turned out to be exceptionally mainstream in its initial days. Methamphetamine initially got put into gigantic use during World War II. Methamphetamine was utilized to shield troops from nodding off, and was utilized by the two sides of the war. A weird and discouraging certainty is that Methamphetamine was really given to kamikaze pilots before their...

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Violent Video Games Are Bad for You Free Essays

Today, youngsters, adolescents, and grown-ups are presented to savagery for the duration of their lives. They are uncovered through network shows, motion pictures, possibly in the city, yet what analysts and researchers have end up being an expanding component of savagery in kids and grown-ups is their being presented to rough computer games in which â€Å"they can create viciousness, enthusiastic upheavals, and improper language†. As indicated by Violent Video Games: The Newest Media Violence Hazard, about 85% or more computer games incorporate rough substance. We will compose a custom exposition test on Vicious Video Games Are Bad for You or then again any comparable point just for you Request Now Vicious substance incorporates: violence, murdering, wrong language, and sexual substance. From that point forward, numerous individuals have been stating that these games advance terrible conduct and cause individuals to be progressively rough. As individuals play brutal computer games, it impacts terrible conduct in the player since when you play these games, you control the individual who causes the wrongdoings, shoot and slaughter your adversary, regardless of whether it is a crook or police officer contingent upon the game you are playing. Since you are playing the game, you feel progressively associated with your character in the game and it might influence you in reality. This is demonstrated by the article Computer Games Can Rot Your Brain. As per it, â€Å"researchers have demonstrated that playing or viewing rough computer games has prompted liquor utilization, obliteration of property and other terrible conduct. Computer games can likewise prompt taking of things, essentially vehicles. † Although the article says that, Akemi, a drawn out gamer now 22 years of age, says something else. He says â€Å"I have been messing around since I was in any event 7, I have no criminal record. I have passing marks and have frequently been discovered playing admirably into the night (that is, 4 hours or more). Despite the fact that Akemi has no criminal record, Brad Bushman, a researcher that has been examining the impacts of savage games on individuals says â€Å"aggressive conduct may seem not as crime or physical brutality however in progressively unpretentious manners in manners individuals respond to or interface with others in regular day to day ex istence. † This would imply that Akemi, a gamer for quite a long time with no criminal record, may not cause violations, however within him he has a savage conduct that he communicates while associating with individuals without him knowing it. Not exclusively do brutal recordings advance terrible conduct, they additionally crush students’ grades. On the off chance that somebody is as of now affected by the terrible conduct in computer games, it is sure that the understudy won't prevail in school. On the off chance that he isn't impacted by awful conduct and are getting unsatisfactory evaluations in school, at that point it might be the game’s addictiveness. Games are fun, particularly when you are overcoming beasts and killing individuals which cause you to do it for quite a long time on, making you dependent on it. At the point when you are at school, you would just consider these games and overlook your training. This is upheld by Bushman when he says â€Å"The interface between rough media and animosity is more grounded than the connection between doing schoolwork and getting passing marks. † People can't help contradicting this and state that savage computer games don’t cause awful evaluations since it may have been that the understudy was at that point getting unsatisfactory evaluations before his introduction of vicious games reasoning that the games had no effect on his lackluster showing at school. This might be valid at the same time, what makes it an awful contention is that the understudy that is doing inadequately in school and is playing these games will never escape their propensity for getting awful evaluations. In the event that this understudy was to switch up his games with instructive games for example, at that point he may have picked up the smarts to escape his propensity and become a superior understudy. At long last, fierce computer games are destructive for you, and every other person. They cause troublesome conduct, advance brutality most as a rule, and urge understudies to get terrible scores. Numerous individuals can't help contradicting this however Bushman says â€Å"many logical examinations obviously show that brutal computer games make kids bound to shout, push, and punch. † If we don't see an impact now, we would see it happen later on the off chance that they keep on playing the games. As a last word, he says â€Å"We incorporated each and every examination we could discover on the point. Despite what children state, savage computer games are unsafe. † Instructions to refer to Violent Video Games Are Bad for You, Essay models

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How to Use Secondary Essay Samples

How to Use Secondary Essay SamplesAn essay is a logical tool in the education of a new student in a medical school. It shows him/her the language used in a way that will help them understand medical concepts and practice in a more practical and descriptive manner.This essay should be written at the academic level and should be graded on the basis of the writing skill of the student. Secondary essays do not have to be longer or more complex than a college-level essay. They just need to be able to show a clear understanding of the subject matter and the knowledge required to write a good essay.The academic essay in a medical school should present the student in a way that the student can communicate the ideas in a clear and concise manner to the teachers, students and even the professors. Sometimes an essay gets stuffed in the body of the assignment because it does not do its job of informing. Not only does this essay look sloppy, it also doesn't do its job well. Therefore, you should be prepared to go over the same text several times before the deadline.A secondary essay is important for all students at all levels. It is designed for all students in all levels in order to increase their academic awareness and skills. The professional nature of the academic essay, together with the requirement for in-depth research and analysis to be done to win the point, makes this form of writing a difficult one for students to accomplish.Students who intend to pursue careers in the medical profession will benefit from completing such a paper. Secondary essays are a powerful tool that should be utilized frequently in order to improve the student's chances of winning points in his/her exams. There are many materials available to help students achieve the academic standards of the school.Since students need to do well in every class, they need to use different kinds of strategies to attain success in a medical school. Many secondary essay samples have been prepared in order to p repare the students in the medical field. It is very helpful to use these samples in essay competitions so that they can prepare themselves for future competitions. The various essay examples presented in the essay samples can help the students write in a well-organized and clearly written manner.The writers are taught how to correctly cite primary sources to prove their points. They are also taught about researching and analyzing primary sources in order to solve the argument. Also, they are taught about organizing data and explaining what they found. The essays help the students in gaining skills that will serve them well in their future careers in the medical field.Students who intend to specialize in a particular branch of medicine and whose careers are dependent on it can easily score high in a secondary essay. There are a number of free, secondary essay samples available on the internet that can be used by students to prepare their essay. One of the best things about these sec ondary essay samples is that they allow students to choose the topic and write it from scratch, instead of writing a pre-written article.

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The Identifying Factors in the Development of Aggression...

The Identifying Factors in the Development of Aggression and Violence in Youth Today Tragic events like the shootings at Columbine High School capture public attention and concern, but are not typical of youth violence. Most adolescent homicides are committed in inner cities and outside of school. They most frequently involve an interpersonal dispute and a single victim. On average, six or seven youths are murdered in this country each day. Most of these are inner-city minority youths. Such acts of violence are tragic and contribute to a climate of fear in schools and communities. Research findings are identifying factors in the development of aggressive and antisocial behavior from early childhood to adolescence and into†¦show more content†¦Successful early adjustment at home increases the likelihood that children will overcome such individual challenges and not become violent. However, exposure to violent or aggressive behavior within a family or peer group may influence a child in that direction. Types and Severity of Antisocial Behavior The types and severity of antisocial behaviors exhibited by youths vary greatly and include lying, bullying, truancy, starting fights, vandalism, theft, assault, rape, and homicide. As a rule, the older the age of onset, the fewer the number of antisocial youths who will engage in seriously aggressive and violent behavior. Longitudinal studies show that many children who engage in antisocial behavior in childhood continue to do so at least through adolescence. Longitudinal research has identified types of youth who progress to adolescent antisocial behavior, multiple pathways through which it develops and persists, and the multiple factors that shape this risk. This research has identified two types of life course trajectories: life course persistent, which is viewed as a form of psycho- pathology, and adolescence limited, which is identified only in select social situations. The distinction between these two types of individuals is very useful, both as a way of thinking about developmental knowledge and as a tool for targeting the right interventions for antisocial youth. Research in this area has generated evidence for this way ofShow MoreRelatedEssay on Genetics Are the Main Cause of Psychopathy1146 Words   |  5 Pagesbe a psychopath. High levels of aggression or delinquency, and antisocial behaviors are all seen in youth with personalities correlating to those of psychopaths. Child psychopathy has not been emphasized as much within the scientific community as much as it is for adult psychopathy. Most clinicians believe this disorder can potentially be treatable and youth showing psychopathic traits can benefit most from this. (Dolan). Some benefits could include: Identifying high risk offenders, ramificationsRead MoreThesis Statement : Children Of The 21st1470 Words   |  6 Pagesnot worthwhile. The use of internet is becoming more and more every day. Even children are using the internet more than they are allowed to. Recent studies show that about 10 years back there were many children playing in grounds and parks but today every park and ground available, are very empty. This is due to more internet and digital media. Parents of 128 children who ranged from first grade through sixth grade are made to go through the cognitive developmental assessment of their childrenRead MoreYouth Gangs And The Cognitive And Social Learning Theory1850 Words   |  8 PagesAbstract: This paper will discuss the correlation of youth gangs and how the cognitive and social learning theory comes in to play, and why female and male juveniles end up in the system. It will touch bases on how youth surroundings have a lot to do with the decisions they choose to make and the life style they end up living. Gangs usually recruit youth off the street, if a child sees that being a part of a gang is an everyday thing and is normal then they will be influenced more to do that. TheRead MoreInfluence of Family Values, Violence and Media Upon Children Essays1949 Words   |  8 Pages Patterns of behavior and cycles of abuse affect childhood development. Traditions and morals give the foundation and support that children need to understand boundaries. Love, family time, and structure provide a cornerstone for children to thrive. At the same time, neglect, abuse and expose to violence create the child’s blueprint for life. To what extent does the â€Å"family† shape the values of children today? Parental involvement and discipline help mold the child’s decisions regarding violentRead MoreBullying at Home and School2035 Words   |  8 Pageshandled says a lot to the victim. â€Å"A statue stands in a shaded place An angel girl with an upturned face A name is written on a polished rock A broken heart that the world forgot.† -Martina McBride Identifying the problem in a child at a young age is not as easily done as in older children. â€Å"Identifying the age aggressor in childhood is much harder because the aggressor is not as advanced as a middle or high school child. The start point to end doesn’t last as long.†(Biachou,Andreous, Botsoglou,Read MoreArt And The Human Services Field1841 Words   |  8 Pageseverything that part one does. ART is not your traditional psychotherapy, group guidance or advising, specific education, or values training. Program goal for ART Aggression Replacement Training is able to concentrate on the development of individuals to address emotional and social aspects that are contributing to youth and behaviors today. Research has been able to show that people who develop social skills, anger control, and moral reasoning skills are less likely to get into high risk situationsRead MoreThe Effects Of Media Violence On Society1942 Words   |  8 Pagesconstantly exposed to media, and media has made the communication of violence more reachable and easier than ever before. Violence is especially an issue that needs to be looked upon, as many, especially the younger generation, view violence in film, computer games or even news reporting’s and this creates them into believing that violence in okay. A recent 2015 study however, identified an association between exposure to violence in entertainment and violent behaviour, which does not prove that exposureRead MoreHigh Risk Family Assessment Health Promotion1593 Words   |  6 Pagessupport and help these people (Bailes, 1998). Substance abuse involving drugs, alcohol, or both is linked with a variety of negative social conditions, including family disturbances, monetary problems, lost output, and failure in school, domestic violence, child abuse, and crime. Furthermore, both social attitudes and legal answers to the use of alcohol and illicit drugs make substance abuse one of the most multifaceted public health issues. Estimates of the total overall costs of substance abuseRead MoreHalimbawa Ng Term Paper6581 Words   |  27 PagesFuller has analyzed bullying in the context of rankism. Bullying can occur in any context in which human beings interact with each other. This includes school, church, family, the workplace, home, and neighborhoods. It is even a common push factor in migration. Bullying can exist between social groups, social classes, and even between countries (see jingoism). In fact, on an international scale, perceived or real imbalances of power between nations, in both economic systems and in treaty systemsRead MoreEssay on The Media Violence Debate3490 Words   |  14 PagesTHE MEDIA VIOLENCE DEBATE Introduction Television and video games are favorite ways teenagers spend their leisure hours. Parents and teens themselves have wondered about their effects because of numerous concerns raised with regards to the negative influences that these form of entertainment bring. Many of today’s children grow up with a television at home or even in their own rooms and there have been studies dedicated to the analysis

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Medical Marijuana Essay - 938 Words

For decades America has associated marijuana with many things, and none of them ever any good. From the ‘60s with the hippie revolution, to today with criminals of all kinds, there have been numerous associations that are arguably unwarranted in this day and age. Why is it that we have such negative feelings about marijuana? In America today, the government considers it a Schedule I drug, meaning that it has a â€Å"high potential for abuse† and â€Å"no currently accepted medical use.† The problem with this classification clearly lies in the second half of its classification. Marijuana certainly has medicinal purposes, and humans have been using it for centuries to primarily treat chronic pain and a lack of appetite. It is hard to construct a†¦show more content†¦The truth is, we cannot. In our world today, you would be hard-pressed to not have someone close to you with something as serious as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. With cancer comes a gre at number of awful symptoms, but to waste away from a lack of appetite is quite common. Surprisingly, this complete lack of appetite can easily be alleviated simply by the consumption of marijuana, be it through inhalation or ingestion. The main compound in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, has unique properties, and it is the reason why marijuana is such an effective treatment for loss of appetite and chronic pain. Though the FDA refuses to accept THC as appropriate treatment for these symptoms, they gladly endorse Marinol, the synthetic THC. The problems with Marinol are varied, but primarily, it is not nearly as effective as cannabis for treatment, and is quite psychoactive. While marijuana itself is a psychoactive drug, Marinol is 99% THC, and as such, consuming a pill of Marinol can easily induce a psychoactive state. Users have reported to be incapacitated for days and experiencing awful hallucinations all because of this man-made THC. The research is being done, the fa cts are presenting themselves, state legislature is moving forward, but it is not enough. Research has been done that actually shows evidence that THC lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s, one of the mostShow MoreRelatedThe Legalization Of Medical Marijuana1558 Words   |  7 Pages Alaskan Thunderbolt Whether pro, con, user or bystander. The issue of the nationwide legalization of medical marijuana is one that infringes both in political and social standards. Be it that marijuana is subsequently abused, and utilized as an illegal drug. It is regarded highly, as a controversial issue which affects the amenity of conservative, modern America. Because of which one should further seek to understand. Things like its history, correlation with crime, effects on economy, effectsRead MoreMedical Marijuana1767 Words   |  8 Pages Marijuana is a very prominent and controversial issue in society today. Although many slanderous claims have been made about cannabis in recent history, the truths are slowly starting to resurface. Unfortunately, these truths are under heavy criticism due to the stereotypical view of what people view as the typical â€Å"pot smoker.† This skewed perception of a lazy and unmotivated American is the result of over seventy years of propaganda and misinformation spread by private interests who relied onRead MoreMedical Benefits Of Medical Marijuana1161 Words   |  5 Pagessurrounding the issue of whether medical marijuana ought to be legally sanctioned as a medicinal treatment. Medical marijuana involves the use of cannabis and its constituent’s cannabinoids in order to treat a disease or its symptoms (National Institute on Drug Abuse 2015). Numerous studies led declare the drug a miracle treatment for a variety of medical issues. These studies, however, are limited and effectively challenged by different studies that exhibit the health risks marijuana can have on the humanRead MoreMedical Marijuana And Medical Therapy2626 Words   |  11 PagesMedical marijuana refers to the use of cannabis as medical therapy in the palliative sense to treat diseases or alleviate symptoms. This treatment modality has proven to be a highly debatable issue within the medical field due to the use of this substance as an illicit drug. â€Å"The National Youth Risk Behavior Survey monitors priority health risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death, disability, and social problems among youth and adults in the United States† (Center for DiseaseRead MoreMedical Marijuana Essay1059 Words   |  5 PagesMedical Marijuana One of the most controversial issues in the United States is over medical marijuana. Many experiments test the validity of the drug as a medicine, and results of these experiments receive much praise but also some critique. The DEA and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) are battling over the issue. The underlying matter that cannot be ignored is that marijuana proves to be a useful medication for many patients, especially those with wastingRead MoreThe Ban Of Medical Marijuana1090 Words   |  5 Pagesepilepsy and used medical marijuana to save her life. Her parents had tried almost every medication to try and save her by the time she was two-years-old. Some nights she would get fifty seizures each night. Finally, her parents were able to get her a medical marijuana card in Colorado, and the new medication immediately stopped the seizures (Gummow, 8 Miraculous, para. 4, This is just one example of how unjust the ban of medicinal marijuana is. The ban of medical marijuana is unjust becauseRead MoreMedical Marijuana Essay969 Words   |  4 Pages[Medicinal Marijuana] [Heather Bryant] Communication and compostition (COM156) University of Phoenix, Axia College [October 20, 2012] Medicinal Marijuana use in the United States Although many individuals find medical marijuana illegal, and unnecessary, it is a natural herb used to help symptoms caused by chronic illnesses. Over three million Americans use medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is the most widely used drug used to treat chronic illnesses in seventeenRead MoreMedical Marijuana Essay1174 Words   |  5 PagesMedical Marijuana Marijuana (cannabis) is a mixture of leaves, stems, and flowering tops of the Indian hemp plant Cannabis sativa. [4] Marijuana is thought by many to be harmful, but it has been proven in fact to be helpful for some people with certain illnesses. [4] When I first started looking into medical marijuana as my research subject, I was curious to see what people my age actually thought about marijuana. I asked twenty of my peers, ranging in age from seventeen to twenty-twoRead MoreMarijuana as Medical Treatment917 Words   |  4 Pages Marijuana as medical treatment Should marijuana become legal in our country as a prescription and clinical drug for medicinal treatment? Imagine somebody that you love lying in bed at a hospital and having just undergone chemotherapy for their cancer treatment; Side effects of chemotherapy like constantly vomiting, fatigue and pain are difficult to tolerate every day. Doctor can prescribe medication, but any of it has absolutely no effectRead MoreThe Legalization Of Medical Marijuana1314 Words   |  6 PagesMarijuana is the most frequently abused illegal substance worldwide. Not only is there no legitimate medical use, it has been tied to physical, mental, and emotional damages. â€Å"Marijuana refers to the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, which contains the psychoactive (mind-altering) chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as other related compounds† (National Institute on Drug Abuse). There are many supporters of the legalization of medical marijuana

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The Controversial Issue of Executive Pay in America

The Controversial Issue of Executive Pay in America The Controversial Issue of Executive Pay in America Over the past twenty years, America has seen a substantial amount of change and development amongst many technological industries. Old ideas have been revolutionized. Technology has been continuously upgraded time and time again. Americans slowly have to do less and less because new inventions are constantly increasing their abilities to do more for us. Cars are getting faster, phones are getting smarter and before we know it, 2-dementional televisions will be a thing of the past. Despite everything that is growing around us there are still few things that have stayed the same; for example, the average American income for 99†¦show more content†¦Take severance packages for example. When the average employee in no longer benefitting the company, chances are they will be let go. Besides a final paycheck for hours worked and the possibility of unemployment collection, they do not receive anything else from the company. When a CEO is no longer performing up to standards, they are forced to resign but walk away with much more than a final paycheck. Chuck Prince of Citigroup was shown the door after the company lost $64 billion in market value, yet he left with $68 million and a cash bonus of $12.5 million (Nickels, McHugh amp; McHugh, 2010). Not only are CEOs paid a substantial amount more for their work, they are paid a substantial amount more to leave the company all together. In 2009, President Obama and Congress put limits on executive compensation of firms receiving money under the federal government bailout programs. The payout to CEOs leaving their companies was limited to $500,000 but it wasn’t for all companies across the board. This new limit only applied to companies who had borrowed money from the government during periods of economic downfall and hadn’t yet paid it back. Despite the decrease in monetary payout, CEOs were still allowed a decent portion of restricted stock which am ounted for a fairly large payout when the stock could be sold a few years down the line. According to the majority of American citizens, top-level executives are paid more moneyShow MoreRelatedCeo’s and Upper Management’s Acceptance of over Compensation Are Unethical During Times of Financial Struggle Within Organizations1706 Words   |  7 Pagesare not compensated enough for the pressures they endure, that they are generally they first to receive pay cuts when the company is facing financial distress, and in some cases are first to be dismissed in order to save others in the lower echelon. Because of these compensatory packages given when hired, when the company’s financial stability is no longer solid, the CEOs are still guaranteed pay increases and incentives that they continuously accept. The Board of Directors may believe that theirRead MoreImmigration Argument Essay958 Words   |  4 PagesImmigration is when people from all around the world leave their country in the hopes of living in this new place permanently, however immigration is a very controversial topic lately. Having two sides to the story, immigration is thought by many to be a problem because it causes more violence, over population, causes those who are country born residents to pay for immigrants, or even cause job loss, recently Donald Trump has talked a lot about his views on immigration causing a lot more controversy than inRead MoreEthics and Ceo Pay1403 Words   |  6 PagesRunning head: LEADERSHIP AND ETHICS OF CEO PAY Leadership and Ethics of CEO Pay Chief Executive Officer pay in the United States has risen dramatically. In the past three decades the salary of a CEO has risen significantly beyond what can be explained by variables such as firm, size, performance, and industry classification (Bebchuk Grinstein, 2005). According to research, the CEO pay at the nation’s top 500 largest companies averages about $10.9 million aRead MoreImmigration Policy Of The United States And Its Effects On Hispanic Immigrants1541 Words   |  7 Pageswhom originate from Latin America ( Largely driven by the prospect of the â€Å"American Dream,† the Latino immigration movement began in the 1840s and has fluctuated with new policies, including the bracero program, an oppressive operation for temporary migrant workers, during World War II, and the Immigration Act of 1965, which created the first immigration limit for the Western Hemisphere (Gutià ©rrez, Ewing). Since 1960, the Latino population in Amer ica has grown from 3.24% of theRead MoreThe Constitution Guarantees Every Citizen Civil Rights1378 Words   |  6 Pagesthe right to federal employment, the right to run for office, as well as the right to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Responsibilities of American citizens include supporting and defending the constitution, being informed about issues in the community, participating in the local community, participating in the democratic process, and respecting the laws. Some other responsibilities are paying taxes, serving on a jury, and defending the country as necessary. (2) U.S. citizensRead MoreImmigration Of The United States847 Words   |  4 PagesStates has been among the highest since the peak in early twentieth century. Every year, people who immigrate to this country are count more than 1 million, without including unauthorized immigrants. Many Americans who believed too much immigration in America could become a problem. For the fact that if America’s immigration rate continues grow, like now, by 2050’s the minority groups collectively will constitute the majority of Americans now. Some interest groups believe that the white majority will noRead MoreImmigration Is A Major Controversial Issue1471 Words   |  6 Pages Roman Numeral III Signature Assignment GOVT 2305 MW 8:00-9:20 Danielle Scheurmann 5-4-2015 â€Æ' Immigration is a major controversial issue in today’s government. Some important matters include national security, the economic weight, escalation in drug and weapons trafficking, and human trafficking. Immigration is both beneficial and detrimental to many people, and our country. In my opinion the foremost concern regarding Immigration is National Security. â€Å"More than 10 million undocumented aliensRead MoreImmigration Reform : The United States1312 Words   |  6 PagesImmigration reform is one of the most controversial topic in the U.S. The Democrats and Republicans are having a tug of war over finding a solution to allowing illegal immigrants grant citizenship and allowing their families to stay in the this country. Just last month, President Obama had a televised executive decision talking about immigration reform. President Obama discussed how the executive decisions like providing legal status and work permits for more than 5 million immigrants, making theRead MoreCompensation Practice: World Atwork. Name. Institution.1699 Words   |  7 Pagessatisfying the needs and wants of both consumers and employees. In this examination, WorldatWork has been considered for careful and extensive research to give insight into the issues that are directly/ind irectly involved in compensation practices. WorldatWork WorldatWork is a hotel cleaner firm located in the United States of America. Hsieh, Apostolopoulos, Sà ¶nmez, (2013) noted that the nature of this job is usually unattractive. Most of the workers perform their duties under deplorable conditions.Read MoreAmerica Is The Immigration Light Of The Presidential Election1164 Words   |  5 Pagesabout subject in America is the immigration policy.In light of the presidential election people are concerned about how President Trump will affect America s immigration policies.Many opinions are circling the world of media,but this division America comes at the height of racial tension as well causing America to become a volcano just waiting for a chance to erupt. In all honesty many do not discuss controversial topic because they do not understand the history regarding the issue, the current policies

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Competitive Advantage of Customer Centricity †

Question: Discuss about the Competitive Advantage of Customer Centricity. Answer: Introduction Customer service management is one of the essential activities that any business organization has to give adequate importance, such that customer satisfaction could be achieved. The customers services offered by the business organization highlights the number of customers being attracted to the business organization (Blut et al. 2015). The customer services include guidance provided to the customers, promptness of the employees, politeness and courtesy. Professionalism is also an important factor to be maintained, in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Personalization of the services, according to the demand of the customers is also an important part of customers service management (So et al. 2016). This assignment highlights the evaluation of the encounters of two business organizations namely Coles and Foodland. Both these companies are retail supermarkets and are leaders Australia. The evaluation of the emotional responses has been shed light upon in this assignment, along wit h a comparison of the relative performance. The emotional responses of the customers, in the encounters of the same incidents highlight the effectiveness of the customer services in both the companies. Finally, recommendations have been added for each of the companies. The ways the companies could enhance their customers services have been shed light upon in this assignment. Coles and Foodland are two major grocery and food retail chains in Australia. Both these supermarkets have been the leaders in the Australian market, outperforming each other in every survey. The issue that is faced is in the return of the products bough online. I had bought few grocery products from both Coles and Foodland. However, the experience in the return with Foodland was much better than that of Coles. In Foodland, as I requested the return of the products online, immediately I was contacted by a customer care service professional. The professional wanted to know the details of the issue that I faced and the reason I wanted to return the products that I have bought. Moreover, the customer service professional was empathetic towards me and apologised several times, while I communicated that rotten and out dated products were delivered to me. The customer service professional of Foodland guided me with the following steps that I need to take in order to return the goods that w ere not in order. He apologized several times for the mistake and ensures that the same incident will not be repeated again. The next time I placed an order with Woodland they compensated for their mistakes and give me a lot of free items along with the products that I had ordered. They clearly explained to me that due to some delay in their supply chain and the logistics management, the orders placed were delivered to me rotten. Though, I will disappointed at first yet the guidance and empathy that I got from the customer service professional of Foodland made me understand their problem. While I face the same issue with Coles, the behaviour that I got from the customer service professionals was more painful and annoying than wrong products being delivered to me. When I lodged a complaint due to incorrect delivery of orders, the customer service professional behave with me very rudely. They were very reluctant to replace the order and force me to take the wrong products being delivered to me. Moreover when I ask for compensation they refused. The behaviour of the customer service professionals were not professional at all and were unexpected. I did not get any empathy from them rather I was blamed for not verifying when the products while they were being delivered. I was totally dissatisfied with the customer services provided by Coles. Evaluation of the emotional responses In the incidence of long products being delivered to me by Coles and return products being delivered by Foodland, was equally unexpected and annoying. However in case of Foodland, I had a better experience than in Coles. The professionals of Foodland and the customer service executive were very helpful and empathetic. They reviewed the problem and guided me towards the next steps. Since wrong product delivered to me, I was angry as well as sad. However, the professionals of Foodland handled my anger very efficiently. At times I was angry with their irresponsibility and was rude to the customer service executive. However they understood the pain that I was going through and hence they did not behave rudely with me as a response of my rude behaviour. As the problem was solved by the customer service professionals I realised my mistake. Mistake in delivery of the product might happen once in a while. I could have handled it with more patience. Later I felt that my anger and rude behavio ur towards the customer service professionals was unjustified. The performance of food land commendable and has outperformed the retail market chain Coles. Along with achieving the best customer service award,Foodland has also been chosen for the best store layout, freshness of the food, as well as product variety. The product of food is fresh and cheaper than the other competitive Supermarket stores (Kursunluoglu 2014). The store layouts are well planned and help the customers find the product of their choice very easily (Orel and Kara 2014). The stores also have special facilities for the disabled as well as the elderly citizens. The customer service professionals assist the disabled people and the elderly citizens to find their products (Jahanshani et al. 2014). The company is also active in the CSR activities (Lin and Bennett 2014). Along with hosting various charitable activities, Foodland hosts various sports event and other cultural or charitable activities (Parniangtong 2017). The customer perceived value proposition of Foodland is higher than that of Coles. With the same amount of money a customer is able to get more products from Foodland, than from Coles. Thus, along with obtaining fresh food products and groceries, the customers are able to save certain amount of money while shopping at Foodland. In order to influence the value of perception of the customers the priority of the company needs to be communicated to its regular customers (Hurewitz 2014). Along with priority at low cost product equality has to be ensured. The efficient customer services will help enhancement in the customer perceived value, thus increasing the business to a significant amount. Recommendations In order to ensure that both the companies are able to enhance their shares and business remarkably few recommendations have been given. Foodland needs to ensure that they maintain their standard of the fresh products as well as mention the low cost. The priority that is given to the customer services shouldbe retained, so that they are able to attract more customers along with loyal customer retention (Suryandari and Paswan 2014). It is also recommended that they introduced loyalty bonus for the customers so that they get more discount than the other customers. This will help in retaining old customers. For Coles, it is recommended that they give priority to the customer services in order to attract more customers along with retention of old customers. The price of the product should also be regulated in order to ensure that the customers can save certain amount of money while shopping. The customer service professionals need to be trained more efficiently so that they are able to handle the customer care and empathy does avoiding loss of loyal customers. Conclusion Customer services have a key role to play for any business organisation. The customer services include guidance to the customers for selecting the product along with assistance in after sale services being provided to the customers. The customer services include in store guidance, along with online assistance to the customers. Issues and problems faced by the customers have to be looked after by the customer service executives. It is important that Coles and Foodland give priority to the customer services such that they are able to attract more customers along with the retention of old customers. Customer satisfaction could be achieved if the customer services are given efficiently. Thus, along with quality enhancement and price reduction, the customer services have to be prioritised in order to achieve competitive advantage over the contemporary retail grocery chains. Personalised services are to be given to the customers such that they feel important. Customisation of products and services helps in establishing customer relationship by increasing the number of customers. Strong customer relationship is important for effective Customer services. Loyalty programs for the customers are also effective in enhancing the customer services and establishing a positive customer relationship. Customers feel the priority that is being given to them, thus attracting and retaining them. Empathy towards customers along with professionalism has to be maintained by the customer service executive to enhance the services given to the customers. 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